We are committed to the protection of the environment and pledge to reduce our impact on the environment and prevent pollution through all our activities from the processing of parts for home appliances, all the way to assembly, finishing the product, packing, and shipping.


We take issues concerning the global environment such as global warming and soil contamination very seriously, pledge to limit the impact on the environment caused by our work as much as we can, and utilize sustainable resources. For mitigation and adaptation of climate change, and biodiversity and ecosystem protection, we also pledge to do the following things to help reduce and prevent pollution.

  • To reduce power consumption by using power efficiently
  • To reduce industrial waste by thorough sorting and recycling
  • To conserve resources by reducing the defect rate
  • To reduce hazardous substances in our products through the management of environmentally hazardous substances

2 To ensure improvements in the above matters we shall formulate and implement an improvement program alongside the establishment of our environmental objectives. We will regularly review our level of achievement against it, and make changes in order to achieve our pledges. These activities include working towards the continuous improvement of the environmental management system.
3 Ensure operation related to environment-related laws and regulations applicable to business activities, and external and internal compliance obligations decided by the Company.
4 Our environmental policy is well understood by our employees, and we shall conduct training activities to further educate them about it.

We disclose this environmental policy to stakeholders.

  1st Jun. 2017
President Masato Morita

The company president, as the person responsible for the quality management system, defines as follows the quality policy of Morita Electric MFG., Ltd.
1 In order to offer products which satisfy our customers, and to improve product quality, we shall conduct continuous improvements, contribute to society, and aim to achieve sustainable company growth, as well as to support the well being of our employees.
2 Give a mechanism for setting quality targets.
3 We observe laws and regulations applicable to our business activities.
4 We will review compliance with the requirements of the quality management system and continually improve the effectiveness and sustain the appropriateness.

We make contributions to society by quickly and accurately supplying quality products to manufacturers and users at a low cost using accumulated know-how in the assembly of home appliances.

We have a thorough quality policy for all of our employees.
Our quality policy is posted in each department of the company, and cards explaining the quality policy are distributed to all of our employees to have them activated concerning it.
Also disclose stakeholders on the website.

1 Quality objectives shall be established with a clear framework.

Quality objectives shall be looked back at in management reviews.

  1st Jun. 2017
President Masato Morita


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